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I,Engaging the Justice Sector for Good Governence: "Enhancing Justice sector stakeholders' capacity on Rights Information ,Legal aid , Resource center and Legislative Advocacy to Promote Rule Of Law."       

     According to Grant contract concluded between the European Union represented by the delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia (European Union Civil Society Fund II and Ethiopian Lawyers' Association.

     The project is titled "Engaging the Justice Sector for Good Governance: "Enhancing Justice Sector Stakeholders' Capacity on Rights Information, Legal Aid, Resource Centre and Legislative Advocacy to Promote Rule of Law".

      The locations of the implementation of the actions are the Regional states of - Amhara (Bahir Dar), Southern Nations and Nationalities (Hawassa), Tigray (Mekelle), Oromia (Adama), Benishangul Gumuz (Assosa), Somali (Jijiga), and Addis Ababa.

   The main activites of the project are:         

  1. Establish 7 legal aid and resource Centres in Addis Ababa and regions;
  2. Provide legal aid, including oral advice, writing pleadings, and pro bono representation for beneficiaries in the target regions;
  3. Produce and broadcast 30 weekly 1 hour FM radio programme on the right to legal aid and other legal provisions for target groups;
  4. Launch ELA volunteers legal service program;
  5. Develop interactive website and upload e-resources for legal practitioners;
  6. Provide compilations of legal reference materials, including proclamations & codes for legal aids to the regional legal resource centres;
  7. Compile and disseminate federal and regional land laws, family laws and laws related to right to housing with particular focus on interests and positions of vulnerable groups, including women, children and persons with disabilities;
  8. Organize awareness raising trainings on the key federal and regional laws for 30 legal aid service providers and target groups;
  9. Conduct justice audit and access to justice researches and organise dialogue session to highlight gaps & promote policy recommendations;
  10. Develop draft legal aid policy and strategy for quality assurance and promote to legislators and key justice sector stakeholders;
  11. Organise 5 panel discussions/debates for ELA members and stakeholders on access to justice in conjunction with national and international events;
  12. Organise 3 training workshops on policy/legal research methodology, election laws and codes of conducts for advocates.

    II,Strengthening Ethiopian Lawyers’ Association

    Through Expanding its Membership Base

   The second Project ELA is currently implementing is an 18 month project titled “strengthening the Ethiopian Lawyers’ association through expanding its Membership Base”. This project is funded by the civil society support Program of the British Council.

The main activities of the project are:

  • Preparation of membership development strategy
  • Strategic plan development
  • Conduct organizational capacity assessment

The aim of this project is to identify impediments for ELA’s expansions of membership base across regions and develop appropriate strategy; To enlist more volunteers legal professionals who provide legal aid service; To enhance the organizational capacity of ELA and To develop a five year strategic plan for the association.

The implementation of all of these activities has been taking place since September 2015.

  III, Activities performed through the standing committees

The association has five standing committees and establishes other subordinate temporary committees when need arises currently. The main function of these committees is to implement the aims of the Association and execute annual plans of the general assembly as well as the responsibilities endowed to them by the statute of the Association. These committees are listed as follows:

  1. Legal and Human Rights Committee
  2. Members and Court Affairs Committee
  3. Continuing Law Education Committee
  4. Legal Aid Services Committee
  5. Publications, Public and International Relations Committee

The committees operate by making an annual plan of issues and topics for discussion and holds workshops accordingly

Currently these committees are performing the following activities in collaboration with each other and other external bodies.

  • Continues legal education is implemented by the Continues Legal Education committee .This committee is responsible for the provision of   Continuing Legal Education. The activity is designed to upgrade the legal knowledge and legal skills of lawyers with the objective of training of members. This program also aims at acquainting Ethiopian Lawyers with new laws and legislations and at providing a forum of discussion on current legal issues.
  • Legal Aid Services Providing legal aid service to those who are economically and social underprivileged is an objective imperative in Ethiopia given the prevalent poverty. It aims at making justice accessible to the needy.
  • Law Reform and Advocacy program is aimed at proposing amendments and new laws to contribute to the developments in law and in the administration of justice in Ethiopia. It also includes the creation of awareness of the general public in law and human rights through research and publication.

     ELA has already participated in the deliberations of various bills,    including the new criminal code when it was at a drafts stage, Evidence law, Procedure law, and Anti-Corruption law. It is a standing member of the committee for judicial reform under the Court Administration Reform Program (CARP).

IV, Project with Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission

The Association also has an ongoing annual project with the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission .The project focuses on informing legal professionals about the special laws and procedures that concern the issue of corruption. It also focuses on informing the public and government employees about the issue of corruption with special focus on the legal aspect of the crime.

For the Budget year of 2007 E.C the two activities planed form implementation in this project are training of a hundred government employees on the subject with special focus on the backward thinking concerning corruption and a seminar that focuses on the legal aspect of the subject i.e laws and procedures of the special crime.









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