For an Empowered and
Independent Association of
Ethiopian Legal Professionals

Educational discussion is one of the programs of ELA

These are, Research Methodology, Mining and Petroleum Law, Human rights the Purpose of African Commission on Human Rights, its Jurisdiction on Ethiopia, and the Role of Lawyers, Environmental Impact Assessment Proclamation, Embezzlement in line with Anti-Corruption Proclamation, Water Law, Professional discussion, Jurisdiction regarding Trade Mark Disputes, Life Experience, The Anti-Corruption Proclamation in line with Attorneys code of conduct, period of Limitation of succession issues, Legal Profession in line with Research, Legal Profession in line with Civil Society, Legal profession in line with Journalism, Prisoners right in line with the FDRE Constitution, Ethiopian Laws and other International Human Right Standards, discussion on Trade name and Trade Mark Law, and other activities like COMESA Competition Regulations-dealing with a regional market Regulator, and Workshop on Law Firm establishment and management; and Best practice in Bar Association Activities.









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